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Which site builder to choose?

What are the designers?
Designers can be classified according to various criteria: payment / gratuity, country of origin, number of templates, etc. But the first thing that should interest the novice webmaster is the functionality of the service.

The site has a goal that is thought out before the start of work on its creation. Therefore, the main question is: is this constructor suitable for the implementation of the idea? This results in a simple classification by service functionality:

Universal constructors. They allow you to create websites of any type, from business cards to a large online store.
Designers for businesses, companies and individual professionals. The main purpose is to create business cards, but the basic features of a blog or online store are also present. In general, there is everything to present a business on the Internet.
Landing designers. Sharpened to create one-page sites, the main task of which is to motivate the visitor to perform a specific action: purchase, subscription, call, etc.
ECommerce services. Offer tools to run online stores.
Designers can not be strictly tied to one category: almost all of them are to some extent universal. The only question is the number of tools for solving the problem. On a business designer, you can also assemble a landing page, but on a specialized service, there are much more creative opportunities. But the price is higher.

When you have decided on what you need, it is time to choose a specific service. To make the choice easier, let’s see the most popular designers in each category.


Create a website in uCoz →
uCoz is a powerful service with a modular system, thanks to which you can create a variety of websites: from a simple business card to a large online store. There is an opportunity to work for free, but then you have to put up with the minimum amount of disk space and advertising. The cost of the paid rate depends on what type of site you need.

With uCoz began the popularity of designers, so many still compare with it all the emerging services. In terms of functionality, there is no equal to it, but in terms of ease of development, convenience, and visual appeal of templates, serious competitors have long appeared.

At uCoz, it is convenient to make informational sites, blogs, online stores, websites of educational institutions and non-profit organizations.


Create a website in Wix →
Wix is ​​the main competitor of uCoz, which also knows how to create almost everything related to websites. The main feature of Wix is ​​a huge number of professional templates and tools for their customization. This allows you to create unique designs, the reality of which is constantly doubted opponents of designers.

Wix is ​​aimed at users with zero site building experience. The lack of functionality is compensated by the presence of a built-in application store and integration with third-party services.
Wix is ​​suitable for creating bright, creative sites, landing pages and online stores.

Business solutions

Create a site in uKit →
The niche of uKit is clearly marked by developers – sites for small and medium businesses. Therefore, there is no permanent free fare: only a demo access for 14 days. Then you need to choose one of the paid tariffs with clear and transparent conditions.

uKit offers to build websites according to templates, independently aligns widgets and blocks on the grid, and gives full creative freedom only at the tariff Pro. This allows you to collect sites quickly and efficiently. Given the simplicity of the interface, the creation of the first site will take one or two days depending on the number of pages.

uKit is suitable for business representatives who want to quickly and inexpensively get high-quality representation on the Internet.


Create a site in Nethouse →
Nethouse – the service offers similar functionality with uKit and is suitable for creating business cards, landing pages and online stores. The designer can be used for free, but then you have to put up with restrictions. There are other ways not to pay: attracting new webmasters and achieving an online store turnover of more than 50,000 per month.

When you pay the tariff “Master” and “Business” you will receive a domain as a gift. The minimum tariff with the ability to connect a domain costs 1 ruble per month. It can even be used to run a tiny online store: 10 products, online payments, 100 photos. Prices are adequate, especially if you pay immediately for a year or two.

Nethouse is more focused on sales, the functionality of an online store is in each tariff, so it will be very convenient to use it for small and medium-sized businesses who want to organize sales online.

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