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How to create a website cleaning company

Good site cleaning company – what is it?
To discover the recipe for creating a good site, you will have to revise dozens of pages of competitors. They can spy at least the structure, but do not blindly copy it – there is always an option how to do better. If you do not have time to research competitors, then here is a standard set of sections of the sites of different cleaning companies.

Home – the main section for the presentation of services, opportunities and unique offers.
About the company – a short history with the most important facts and figures.
Advantages – clear and useful information, without water in the style of “the best team of professionals.” Determine what you are better than others.
Service pages. The general list can be placed on the main page, details – in a separate section.
News – for messages about discounts, promotions, vacancies, new services.
Blog – to publish feature articles that will help bring the site to the top search results.
Order form for services or communications.
Sections can be presented as separate pages or placed on the main page with navigation through anchor links. For example, the advantages do not need to be allocated a separate page, but for each service you can create one to be able to add important details that did not have enough space on the main one.

The site must be priced. If the cost of all services cannot be placed, add the opportunity to view the price list in a separate tab or download it to a computer. Another option is an online calculator for calculating complex prices, which are composed of several values.

It is very important that there are photos. Not stock, but real, workers. To maintain a compromise between the harsh everyday life and beauty is not always easy, but the main thing in cleaning is cleanliness, which must be shown on the website.

Independent website creation
Despite the seeming complexity of the structure, you can create a website for a cleaning company without special skills and contacting a web studio or a freelance developer. Templates and blocks that are useful for filling the pages are available in the designers of the Wix and uKit sites.

To launch a quality project, you will have to buy a premium rate on your domain name, but these expenses are not comparable with those that you have to incur when ordering a site from professional developers. The result will be indistinguishable to visitors, because they will get what they come to the site – useful information and the opportunity to contact the cleaning company in a convenient way.

Wix Constructor
Website creation for a cleaning company in Wix
Create a website in Wix →
In Wix, thematic templates for the site of a cleaning company can be found in the “Maintenance and repair” category in the “Business” section. If you like any other non-thematic layout, then there is nothing to worry about it – you can quickly redo it for yourself in the Wix visual editor, which offers ample opportunities for customization.

Wix Templates: Site Cleaning Services
Creative freedom is not limited by frames, so you need to pay great attention to the design setting. Each element of the template can be edited, moved to another area of ​​the page or deleted. If there are not enough elements on the site, then you can add them from the block catalog or the built-in Wix application store.

Design site cleaning services
From what may be useful for a cleaning company, we will highlight the possibility of inserting a chat with a manager and online booking. To promote a website in search engines, you can run a blog on it. Wix offers a separate record management system that takes several minutes to master. The site itself can be managed by any employee of the company – this does not require special knowledge and skills.
UKit constructor
Create a site in uKit →
On uKit there are several ready-made thematic templates for cleaning companies. Also, you can make a website using any other layout that can be customized for yourself in the visual editor. To form the structure, it has a “Pages” section in which you can add, delete and edit pages on the site.

UKit templates for apartment cleaning services
After the structure is formed, you can begin to fill the pages with content and customize the appearance. To solve the first problem, the “Constructor” section is intended, which offers blocks and widgets. They add the necessary elements to the pages: text, photos, feedback forms, documents.

To customize the appearance, use the “Design” section, in which you can change the color scheme and fonts, as well as change the template. With the adaptability of the layouts everything is in order: they are equally well displayed on the desktop and mobile device.

Building the site in the visual editor uKit
Managing the site after publication is simple: if you need, for example, add news or replace a photo, then all this is done through a visual editor, which any employee of the company can master.


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