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How to create a medical clinic website

The site of a medical clinic is a working way of reaching a new audience and increasing the number of clients. In Russia, for example, it is also the requirement of the Federal Law No. 323 “On the basis of the protection of the health of citizens of the Russian Federation.” The main goal is to create a quality resource that will inform visitors about the services. You can make it with the help of site designers.
Before you start creating the site of a medical clinic, sketch its structure on paper. This will greatly facilitate the task of developing it, since you will understand which sections you need to add and what content to fill in the pages. To make it easier, look at the sites of other medical companies. According to the results of the study, you can make a tablet with two columns:

Just need to add to the site.
Do not repeat mistakes.
You can add another third column with solutions and items that were in question. Such a report will help to form an accurate picture of the structure of the future site. Knowing the capabilities of the designers, you will be able to assess how realistic it is to bring the idea to life.

What site builders can be useful?
We recommend using uKit and Wix business designers to create a website for a medical clinic. They have thematic templates with a roughly suitable structure, as well as all the necessary blocks, widgets and applications that will be needed to organize the work of the company’s online representation. After studying the sites of competitors and drawing up an approximate structure, you will be able to assess which service is best suited for your project.

Designer uKit (our review)
Creating a medical site in uKit
Create a clinic site in uKit →
Designer uKit offers 12 templates of medical subjects, among which is the layout of the site of the children’s center, aesthetic cosmetology, dentistry and a private clinic. They have approximately the same structure, but you should not focus on it – choose the template you like, and you can add or remove pages on the site at any time through the visual editor.

Sample templates for a medical site
The visual editor itself consists of three main sections:

“Pages” – adding and removing, filling in the parameters of the pages, including SEO for promotion in search engines.
“Designer” – filling pages with widgets and blocks.
“Design” – customize the appearance: the replacement of the template, the choice of colors and font.
“Adaptive version of the site” – setting up the appearance of the site on various devices.
Clinic website design in uKit
Most of the time spent on editing the template, will occupy the filling of pages with widgets and blocks. There is demo content on the layout, you need to remove it or replace it. All actions are performed using the mouse, programming skills are not required.

Site management after publication is also performed through a visual editor, with the development of which there will be no problems. The work of the web resource can be held by one person who will monitor the relevance of the information and respond to visitors.

Wix Constructor (our review)
How to create a clinic site in Wix
Create a medical website in Wix →
In the template directory of the designer Wix there are also specialized layouts for the clinic – you can find them in the section “Health” – “Medicine”. The visual editor works on the same principle as on uKit: there are sections for customizing the structure of the site, filling pages with content and changing the appearance.

Ready-made medical theme templates on Wix
In addition to blocks with content, you can add applications to pages that are available in the Wix App Market. From what may be useful to the medical clinic site, the market has applications for online booking, organizing a forum, blog and chat, as well as creating feedback forms.

Setting up the appearance of the site may take no less time than filling the pages with elements. Compared with uKit on Wix, there are a lot less restrictions. The location of each element can be changed, which, if handled carelessly, results in damage to the pattern. But if you take the design setting seriously, then you can make it attractive and unique, even if you hadn’t had such experience before.

Editing the site of dentistry

What should be on the medical site?
In the case of medical institutions that provide paid services, the phrase “must be” has a normative character. In order not to run into a fine or civil lawsuit from a patient for providing incomplete or unreliable information, make sure that your site has:

Name and legal address of the clinic.
Documents confirming the right to provide services, including a license.
The list of services and their cost.
Information about the specialists, including education and qualification.
Schedule of specialists.

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