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Themes of repair and construction: is it worth ordering a selling page?

Construction and repair are the most competitive topics of the Runet today, which means that it will be rather difficult to move through them in natural delivery. In order to occupy a place in the first 10-ke in organic for one or another request, you should have just a very, very, very high-quality website. And not only. The reference profile, text optimization, and good behavioral factors are also important.

As it is known, in order to achieve such heights, you need to work a lot on the site – texts, optimization, content, etc. Not all owners of the construction business are ready to go for it – time does not allow, not enough knowledge, and the budget is limited … What, decided to give up? Early =)) Building companies or repair companies can also search for customers on the Web with the help of high-quality landing pages.

To be honest, we can say that we already ate a dog on the creation of selling pages on this subject: stretch ceilings, heated floor, painting walls, turnkey repairs, building houses, bath restoration, turnkey cesspools. And even there was one major construction portal.

Competent landing in conjunction with properly configured contextual advertising can give a head start on the percentage of conversion to any multipage site. How does this happen? We will deal with everything in order.

1. Marketing analysis
First of all, we will need to understand the specifics of your business. We look, that there and as at competitors, accurately we define your target audience.

It is clear that construction or repair services may be needed at some point for everyone, but different target groups order the laying of expensive parquet and floor covering with ordinary linoleum. We try to narrow down the audience for which the services are intended.

For example, in September 2014, we were approached by one metropolitan company engaged in all kinds of work in the field of construction and repair. For them, we created a page for painting rooms in Moscow. We focused on large enterprises – factories, factories, production halls, warehouses, etc. To make the target client understand that the page is intended for him, one of the screens we made is as follows:
Landing for painting premises. Completed in October 2014

2. Design
What should be the meaning of blocks in the landing page construction topics? For everyone everything is individual, of course. True, there are some general rules that can be applied when creating the vast majority of repair and construction pages. Here is an example of a prototype that our UX-specialist made for the landing page of a company engaged in the installation of septic tanks and turnkey cesspools.
2.1. Unique selling proposition
It is important to find what distinguishes you from competitors, how you are better than them. Perhaps your advantage is either in a particular technology, or in the speed of service, or that you undertake to return the money if you do not complete the work on time? Report it to your customers right away. Formulate a specific offer for the client and mark the benefits.
Landing for concrete septic tanks. Completed and launched in June 2015

This landing page is designed for a company engaged in the installation of septic tanks from concrete rings. Their UTP – ready cesspool or turnkey septic tank in just 3 hours!

2.2. Prices
What can disturb a person who is puzzled by the construction or finishing of the house? Firstly, that he will be ruined in this whole affair, and secondly, that the difficult process will never end. Everyone has probably heard the phrase “Repair can only begin …”. This is the main pain of the client. Show immediately what and how much it costs. Give the customer a guarantee.
Landing on monolithic construction. Completed in July 2014

If you cannot name the exact cost of the work, then you can put a calculator on the page that will allow potential customers to calculate how much your services will cost them.
Landing for a warm floor. Completed in May 2014

On this page, we put a very easy to use calculator – the user enters the floor space in the upper line, and the lower one immediately shows how much work will cost him. Usually, the price is one of the main decision-making criteria, and if it suits the client, then he is ready to apply to this or that company. That is why the specialist order form is placed to the right of the calculator.

2.3. Stages of work
Be sure to tell your customers how and in what time frame the work is carried out. Again, remember that they want the repair or construction to deliver as little trouble as possible. Therefore, the scheme should be simple.

2.4. Work examples
If I decide to order the repair of my apartment, then the first thing that will interest me when choosing a company that provides such services is examples of work already done.

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