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What is the difference between landing on a separate domain and selling page on the site? What’s better?

What is autumn landing
The term “landing” is a tracing from English “landing”, translated as “landing.” Based only on the translation, landing can be called any web page on which your user “lands”.

But so any, you ask? And you will be right. There is a marketing subtlety: usually a landing page is considered to be a page created on a separate domain and specifically for advertising. The owner catches traffic on the landing purposefully and deliberately. For example, gives contextual advertising, advertising in social networks. It is important to understand: without advertising visitors on your landing will not be! Generally not.

So: Landing = landing page on a separate domain for advertising traffic.

Landing is done under a certain very narrow topic, and before it is created, a traffic forecast is always carried out. If the number of advertising requests on the intended theme of the landing is small, then you should not do it, since there will be very little traffic, and, accordingly, few orders. Many people are attracted to creating a landing page that is much cheaper than a website. The price is lower due to the fact that there is only one page on the landing page, a CMS is not needed.

But if we already have a working site, do we need to do another landing separately? Especially if the business is small and the budget is limited. In fact, nothing prevents us from advertising on the pages of an existing site. Why make landing on a separate domain? But think about what the conversion will be if you give contextual advertising, for example, to this page of the site:

A typical page of the site, on which you should not give contextual advertising

And at the landing, the default structure will be selling, since it is “sharpened” for advertising.

Therefore, before launching ads on the landing pages on the site, it is better to conduct a small usability audit of the site and correct the pages based on its results. This will avoid draining the budget for advertising.

Why make a selling page on the site
Another tricky landing feature (in terms of SEO) is that it’s one-page. Therefore, it is almost impossible to promote landing in natural delivery. As mentioned above, landing pages on individual domains are created for advertising. For ease of comparison, we’ll summarize the advantages and features of landing pages and selling pages on the site into one pivot table:

Landing page on Landing site (landing page on a separate domain)
Purpose To tell about the product / service on the site Sell the service / product
Structure Long dull (usually) text with poor quality pictures Detailed story about the service / product, advantages, high-quality photos, reviews, promotion
Design Used site design, which is usually outdated Modern design
Traffic Organic traffic from search engines – conditionally (you need to invest in SEO too) Free Advertising traffic – paid
Conversion Low, tends to 0 High, if there is traffic
Promotion Possible Impossible
Internal linking with the site pages Possible, just place links Impossible, it is on a separate domain
The cost of creating Expensive, if from scratch Inexpensive, in comparison with the site on the CMS
Subject Any Only the one on which the required number of ad requests will be typed
Upgrade and update Information is updated. Improvements and redesign are possible. There is no provision for updating information, as there is no CMS.
Business Benefit Score 5 6
We get almost a draw! Therefore, for each business, it is chosen that it is more suitable in specific conditions. You need to proceed from a variety of factors: goals and objectives, budget, availability and condition of the current site. To choose, it is important to evaluate all the pros and cons, choose the most profitable business option.

We will generate cases when the landing page is definitely better to do on the site (and not on a separate domain):

The page is already on the site and is dedicated to an existing product / service, and not a new product or special offer.

BUT! If you have some cool new, unique, few competitors, then it’s better to make a separate landing page. For example, we made a landing page for a unique electrostatic smokehouse:

Landing for smokehouse

The site of the manufacturer smoked the page for this new product was not and sales were needed.

The page already has a large amount of organic traffic from search engines. Example: page for the service “Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture” on the website of a cleaning company. There was a lot of traffic to the page, so we made a budget redesign of the page, it became more selling:

Landing page on the website of the cleaning company

Rare topics. Required requests for a separate landing will have too little traffic.

So it was with grants to study in China. Initially, there was an order for a landing page, but after evaluating requests for advertising, it was decided to make a page directly on the site.

Landing page on the training website

From the page of the site there are few orders, you need to make more selling. Often this page is the main, catalog or card products. Landing will not help here. Need to deal with the site.

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